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Published February 19, 2019

Activater, a Twitch streamer and A/V expert from NYC, played Fortnite with Carter, our original Superstar!  Play with a Pro was generously donated the use of a movie theater, at Smitty’s Cinema in Brunswick. Yes, he was able to play Fortnite, with a pro, on the big movie screen and a wireless controller.  Super cool! Not only did Carter get to play with Activater, but so did most of his friends! Every child who walked by and saw Fortnite above the door, needed to peek inside to see what was happening.  All the attendees couldn’t wait to grow up and be professional gamers and streamers themselves. The event even received international recognition from non-profit groups around the globe. It was an amazing and wonderful day; we were able to raise over $2400 for Carter’s family and Play with a Pro was born!

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