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Play with a Pro is an Extra Life team that raises money for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network. Our unique concept allows kids to play games with Professional ESports players and streamers while fundraising for their local hospital.

Our founder suffers from chronic illnesses that lead to multiple hospital visits and stays per year. She knows just how difficult and segregating having a chronic illness can be, but could never imagine what it is like to deal with it as a child. Through the gaming community she, like many others, found refuge and acceptance. A chance to just be a “person,” despite our backgrounds and stories. Everyone is an equal and in the same arena in gaming! She wanted to bring this feeling of support and community to sick kids everywhere.

Our dedicated and motivated team creates events that give children an amazing opportunity to play games with top names in the gaming industry. These events not only give sick kids a day to “just be kids” but to also be SUPERSTARS!!

Play with a Pro was started in February of 2019 when our founder put together an event for a child, from The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, to play with Activater, a streamer from NYC. The event was streamed on Twitch while the kids played live from a local movie theater, on the big screen!

The team continued to grow and attract attention from all around the globe. This led to additional events with an international competitive league and then with a Pro Player from TSM! We are honored to also be partnered with Central Maine Community College and their ESports Management degree and ESports Varsity Program and students.

Everyone is welcome here, so kick back, catch an event, and help us raise much needed funds #ForTheKids!